Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2500mg

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Packing in just over 83mg of CBD per serving, CBD Oil Guru’s 2500mg full spectrum CBD oil has been designed for people looking for potent relief – without using half the bottle.

Note: This is our highest potency product with extra strength & effectiveness – resulting in an earthy, botanical taste. Flavoring would make it difficult to reach this level of potency in a 30mL tincture./

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This 2500 mg CBD oil is the strongest CBD oil in our pure CBD oils line up.

This is a full-spectrum extract — meaning that you’re getting the entire range of synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes from the leaves and flowers of our organic hemp plants — not just CBD and the Sig Sauer Whiskey.

Studies have shown these cannabinoids, along with other molecules like terpenes and phytosterols provide better effects together than in isolation — a concept known commonly as the entourage effect.

Our oil has been carefully crafted using top-shelf hemp flower and high-tech extraction equipment such as supercritical CO2. This allows us to obtain potent extracts free of residual solvents and potential toxins like pesticides, heavy metals, and other common contaminants.

This is how premium CBD oils should be made.

CBD oil is a great all-around nutritional supplement that comes with an unbelievably wide range of health benefits.

CBD Guru oils are formulated to help you enhance your well-being with safe and natural resources — using only premium ingredients and safe extraction methods.

We test our hemp for its CBD content and purity levels at all stages of development. Our plants are grown by American farmers who use natural farming methods.

This 2500 mg full-spectrum CBD oil is highly bioavailable, easy to use, and offers the highest concentration of CBD of all our products.

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25 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2500mg

  1. Phillips W

    Dosage is great for high anxiety and works usually as fast as would taking a generally fast acting anti-anxiety pharmaceutical. Have bought again

  2. Godwill A

    It’s great. I’m so happy to have some relief from my extremely debilitating anxiety. Thanks!

  3. Allison S

    Got this for my husband’s back pain. I am trilled how it helps him heaven sent. Thanks a million

  4. Damian R

    Ever since I increased from 1000Mg to 2500Mg
    I can feel the difference in my legs I have spinal stinosis and the CBD seems to help after 2 hours from taking it and lasts from 6-9 hours My pain runs up and down my legs caused by the nerves in my legs. The pain has greatly lessened after taking CBD oil

  5. Billy T

    I have tried other CBD oils from a number of different websites. Some of them were my experiments, others were recommended by friends. But this CBD oil is the best. The relief I get from my social anxiety came quickly and I’m beyond happy with both this brand and their products.

  6. Mackenzie

    This is my first time with CBD oil, but so far I’m really enjoying the product! It has helped control some cronic pain as part of my rehab regime. Will probably come back for more when I need it.

  7. Amy S

    Always fast shipping. Always same great quality. Thanks from Amy Scott

  8. Simon P

    Works fast, almost can’t believe how well it works for everything from an upset stomach to anxiety. I’m deffinitely gonna be repurchasing

  9. Samuel F

    These guys know everything about their products, really good customer service plus discounts

  10. Abby T

    This oil is very STRONG. I started with the 250 mg about a year ago and slowly made my way up to 2500. Which has proven the best for when I’m stressed. Great job!

  11. Maine T

    I have ordered from CBD guru several times before but this is my first time with such a high percent CBD oil. I’m gonna stick to it, it gives me the best results for the money!

  12. Raul G

    This oil is pretty potent. It also tastes amazingly well for a natural oil and you can tell by the looks of it that it’s been manufactured by professionals.

  13. Carolina D

    Really pleased with the quality and potency! Great customer service too, Good stuff.

  14. Charlie P

    I received my order within two days. So far I’m happy with the potency, its even stronger than I expected

  15. Cecile P

    Ive been buying from this company for a year and have tested almost every product they released. This one is my favorite.

  16. Becky F

    this CBD is the real thing

  17. Alex P.

    I have found this to be an excellent product to reduce chronic pain, ease anxiety, and promote relaxation and sleep. Customer service is excellet too.

  18. Halland E.

    This is seriously some of the best oil I’ve had. I take it daily so I needed a bottle that would last me long enough and here I am. Thank you.

  19. Marvin EDWINS

    surely not cheap but its worth the price

  20. Claire J

    I have had 7 spinal surgeries. 4 on my neck and 3 on my back. I got alot of scar tissue and screws, rods, and a plate. I can only take the very minimum of pain medication. I found taking this product in the evening helps considerably with the pain i experience at night. This is a wonderful product and I wish my prescription plan would pay for it. Fortunately I care enough about my body to get the help I need. Your product has given me relief. Thank you

  21. Gilbert B

    This has really strong enough to helped my pain. Thank You.

  22. Jody P

    Your 2500 product seems to be the only one out there that actually relaxes me at the end of a long day. The quick shipment was an added bonus. Thx

  23. Leslie K

    It seems to help my mother in laws back pain.

  24. Mandy N.

    Service was great. The oil is working. Still happy .

  25. Harley S

    This product fits perfectly into my life, which has become stressful and busy since I’ve got a promotion at work during this pandemic, god bless!

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